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Name:Mix, Mix, Mix.
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:For posting and discussing music mixes.

Welcome to [community profile] mixes, a place to post and discuss mixes, playlists, and other self-made compilations. All types of mixes are welcome here, whether it follows a theme (e.g. songs for summer) or fandom-related (e.g. for a pairing in a tv show, book, movie, etc). Discussion is open to anything as long as it pertains to making music mixes. Anyone can join and anyone can post as long as the below guidelines are followed.

rules and guidelines.
  1. Unless your post has a playlist and/or mix in it, it doesn't belong here.
  2. No more tone image over 500x300 outside of an Cut.
  3. Do not request music or ask questions in this community.
  4. Reposting mixes made by others (e.g. iTunes Artists playlists) is fine, but please state the source.
  5. Be civil. No trolling, bashing, harassing, or spamming other icon makers.
  6. Promotions are alright, as long as they relate to music or mixes.
  7. Linking to another post with mixes alongside a teaser is perfectly alright. If you are linking to a locked post, place a warning in your post.
  8. Do try to tag your post using existing tags.

    [community profile] ghostsighs one?


DISCLAIMER: All music contained within this community is the sole responsibility of its creators and owners. Images, music, and resources used for aid in making mixes are copyright and property of their creators and owners. This community in no way facilitates or encourages theft or infringement. If you have a problem with anything within this community, please contact the user in question. The moderator has no authority over individual's creative works.

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